High quality plants grown year round with everything you need for them.

We have fresh plants delivered on weekly basis.

We grow our own bedding and decorative plants to ensure that you can buy a plant that will last as long a possible. However, for plants that take longer to grow and become ready to sell, we order them weekly to allow you to get the upmost in quality available for you.


Create the perfect garden.

Park Place Farm Nursery  has a huge range of shrubs, trees, plants with both winter and summer baskets and the equipment you need. We grow most of the plants we sell in our own nursery, guaranteeing you'll get the highest quality plants at any time of the year.


A range of garden products

We also sell tools, equipment and much more so visit the link below to learn more.


Our stock includes:

  • Plants

  • Shrubs

  • Trees

  • Seeds and bulbs

  • Seasonal items

  • Hanging baskets, pots and trellises

  • Weed killer and plant food

  • Gardening tools and equipment

  • Wildlife feeders


Whether you’re looking for plants, shrubs or gardening tools, you will find them at our garden centre at Park Place Farm Nursery.