Birds and Feeders:

We offer a range of bird feed for most species with suet treats and a collection of bird feeders and tables. In this range we have squirrel proof feeders, decorate-your-own bird boxes as well as glass, flower inspired bird baths.

We also offer insect hotels that work wonderfully to increase the amount of life in your garden.


Fertilisers and Food:

We have a range of fertiliser types such as Fish, Blood and Bone, Bone Meal, Grow-more and Chicken Manure. Each with their own uses for your needs in a range of sizes and application methods.

Slow release food tablets can boost the life of your pots and hanging baskets with liquid feeds to top up. .


All things watering:

Our range includes classic reels of garden hose to automatic reeling enclosed units and water activated shrink hose.

For then end of the hose we have a selection of nozzles to water by hand or sprinklers and porous pipe for a self watering system.

As well as all the connections in between.

All our products are Hozelock designed and manufactured so quality is no worry.


Baskets and Liners:

We offer both plastic and wicker plastic baskets so you can find the perfect, long lasting style for you garden, along with our plastic baskets, we sell metal baskets with coconut husk liners to further your choice.

If you already have a basket, we stock a range of coconut husk liner sizes or material for you to make your own.


Boots, Gloves and Cloggies:

If your in need for a good quality pair of welly boots, we stock boots from size 3 to size 12 with a vast range of gloves with a pair suitable for any garden job.

For a light job such as watering, boots can be uncomfortable and cumbersome to take off, that’s where cloggies come in, slip on soft fabric lined and waterproof fronts make them ideal to slip on to go out in the garden to relax or for a bit of light work.


Canes, Stakes and Trellises:

We have a variety of sizes and styles for our support structures, with both bamboo and wooden stakes as well as plastic covered steel canes. and diamond heavy duty trellises for plants to grow along.


Hanging and Standing Lights.

We have a range of decorative lights in the form of hanging bulbs, lanterns and bugs, as imaged. We also have a range of light strings including bulbs and led strings.