Plants for sale in Wickham, Hampshire

Park Place Farm Nursery Ltd offers plants for sale in and around Wickham, Hampshire. Get in touch with us today.

A wide range of shrubs

Visit us and take a look at our vast array of shrubs. These include:

  • Evergreen

  • Deciduous

  • Climbers

  • Acid loving

  • Shade and chalk loving

  • Topiary

  • Hedging

  • Fruit trees

  • Climbers

We're more than happy to advise you on what will work best in your garden, and which plants work for each different season.

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Seasonal bedding plants

Perennials provide a great show, coming back year after year. There are thousands to choose from, so you can tailor your garden to reflect your individual style. Ask a member of our staff for advice on how to make your garden look its most beautiful.

Whether you are looking for evergreen shrubs or climbers, you can count on Park Place Farm Nursery Ltd. We offer a wide selection of plants for sale. Get in touch with us today.