What’s new in and what looks good:


New And Looking Good - Nandina

Beautiful autumn coloured evergreen foliage. We stock a twilight variety so leaves will become a bright red shade in October-November time.


Pink Crispy

Pink Crispy

New And Looking Good - Photinia

We stock a variety of Photinia including Red Robin, Pink Marble and Pink Crispy, a new variety. Each is unique with its own colours and patterns. All are available as specimen plants around 1.5 meters in height.

Pink Marble

Pink Marble

Red Robin

Red Robin

Looking Good - lavender

Our English grown lavender is a great attractant for insects and bees, with a dark purple flower and narrow leaves, a delightful fragrance is radiated from the flowers for a classic summer garden sent.



New and Looking Good - Hebe Trios

Three different species of Hebe in one container, providing an abundant range of evergreen foliage that will last all year topped with bright flowers.


New and Looking Good - Escallonia

With a unique, summer blooming tendency, Escallonia can be a great addition to your garden. We stock both Ivory Pure White and Pink Elle variants, that with look stunning.



new and Looking Good - Agapanthus

Agapanthus bloom in a stunning central point atop a long stem to show off a multitude of bold flowers. We stock a variety of sizes within our species of agapanthus, varying both the length and diameter of the stems.



Looking Good - Olive trees