We Specialise in hanging baskets.

If your in need of great, lasting baskets that get better with time, visit us and take your choice. We only use home grown and repeat flowering cutting raised plants.


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Summer Baskets

From May onward, we offer a great range of summer baskets that can last until the first frost with some simple care.

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Winter Baskets

Winter is a time when few plants flourish however, winter pansy's and violas plant great with small fur trees and ivy's to create a full basket.

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Other Baskets

We also sell strawberry baskets, tomato baskets, Trixi baskets, fuchsia baskets at varying times throughout the year in addition to  our mixed summer and winter baskets.



We offer hanging basket refills.

If you've already got a basket or you want to refresh one that's looking rather tired, bring them in and tell us what you would like.

If you want your baskets to have a new lease of life, bring them in and you can order a refill for the summer or the winter, any size and shape. Tell us what colours you like and we guarantee that you will have a great looking basket.

Dependent on the time you bring us your baskets, specific deadlines may not be available due to high demand. We will call when your basket is ready to be hung outside.



Our Summer, Winter and Other Baskets.


Summer Baskets

We have a great selection of mixed baskets with a range of colours and plants that trail into a ball of flowers. in addition to our mixed baskets, we also both begonia and geranium baskets are available in the summer. Cutting raised geraniums repeat flower until the first frost giving great value for money.

We plant in both cone and under-planted baskets in the summer with terracotta coloured plastic baskets to add further choice.


Winter Baskets

In the winter, we can brighten up your garden with a range of under planted and cone baskets. Bright violas add a delicate colour while a strong fur sapling centres the basket. Pansies add more colour while ivy trails and … adds bright dots of red through the basket.

We plant in both cone and under-planting baskets for our winter selection.


Our Other Choices

At different points during the year, we have more to choose from with fuchsia baskets in the summer providing some beautiful colours. We also grow strawberry and tomato baskets that keep the fruit lifted off of the ground to prevent both rot and pest contact.

Our strawberry and tomato baskets are terracotta coloured with our fuchsia baskets in long lasting cones.